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    Thursday, August 7th, 2014
    9:08 pm
    I'm going to start expanding my horizons slowly by eating fruits and other things, and see what their flavors come out to me. This post is going to be filled up, I guess...

    Apple: wet cardboard.
    Monday, December 22nd, 2014
    5:51 am
    ...welp, this sucks.
    I went to Ressaca Friends this weekend. I shouldn't be writing this specific message now, because it's 5AM at the hotel I was staying at.

    I shouldn't be staying here right now. I should've been in a bus that'd be reaching the town I need to be, with my body twice as pained as it is right now from sheer exhaustion.

    See... I lost my backpack at the con. In itself, not a problem; my clothes and stuff had been left at the hotel and I was gonna pick them up before I left, but because of the stupidity called 'oh it's TOTALLY going to rain today, just you wait', I mishandled the packing somewhat and didn't leave my backpack in the hotel.

    Total losses: a new wallet, a minimum of 80 bucks, three rare coins, two different credit cards [cancelling these once they actually open; no way to do that in a Sunday], my ID card, my driver's license, some old pants, a nice shirt, my 3DS, my PSP [w/charger], my Vita, three different earphones, the bus ticket to leave this place, the keys home [alarm included], and my USB drive containing most of my files.

    The last two are the worst losses, followed by the loss of BOTH ID and driver's license; had I kept either, I'd at least be able to prove who I am had I bought a new ticket one way or another. The loss of both cards is painful but they can be cancelled and all.

    This sucks.

    Worst of all? Even if it's my fault... the part that hurts most is that I was having such great luck and I know that I could tell I sorta knew it, given how I kept my cellphone AND copy of No Game No Life [novel] with me, along with some money to make it back here and survive. Now, if I had followed this damn luck and left the con once I knew I couldn't go to the second thing I wanted to go to, I'd still be disappointed about that, but not be stuck here, where I'm basically daydreaming the idea that maybe I'll get to call them once available and they'll have my backpack somewhere.
    Thursday, October 30th, 2014
    11:59 pm
    For a few seconds more: Jasmine Appreciation Day!
    It's the best I can do in this situation.

    It wasn't that I forgot; I was thinking about it for much of the day. But I couldn't put my words in terms in time... and it's sad. To a part of the world, now, it's already too late.

    But that won't stop me from trying.

    I hope today was a good day to anyone else. Today is Jasmine Appreciation Day, after all. And... after all those years of this, I can safely say I still feel the same care and love for her than I did any other day this came into play.

    This year, it wasn't my best. But I hope I'll get it right next time, to bring forth the happiness I wish to see.

    And to everyone else... well, have a happy year!

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    Friday, September 26th, 2014
    12:32 pm
    12:31 pm
    12:27 pm
    Friday, August 29th, 2014
    5:29 pm





    Stupid outburst aside... here is a different thing.

    I've joined an RPG project for Ed, Edd n'Eddy. Shock, I know. There's potential and I didn't want it to suck like, well, every other project done with the series that involves fans only.

    The first demo is halfway complete. Sneak peeks coming soon.

    Thursday, August 7th, 2014
    8:37 pm
    Final Judgement B
    Let's finish this.

    The Bad
    21: Terror in Resonance
    It's a show about child terrorists who terrorize Japan and the adult officers who oppose them. It's Death Note, that's what it really is. But it's made by Watanabe and it's at least not made of terrible designs that'll later go and ruin Castlevania, and I actually like the touch Funimation had in actually subtitling the credits and letting people know who all the people involved in this noitaminA thing were.

    I just don't want to recommend it because it's terrorism. It's played straight and bad, and although people didn't die in the incidents used, it's still not a good thing. I'm sufficiently curious about it and I do think it's the best show of this lot, but... as said, terrorism. Don't want, don't watch.

    22: Tokyo Ghoul
    Cannibals. A guy gets torn apart and his organs are replaced by a cannibal's. He becomes half a cannibal. The story of his trying to live as a cannibal while holding on to his humanity.

    It's gross, ugly, and nasty. And damn it, man, it's about CANNIBALS! It's gross and horrible and why did I keep watching this late at night too?!

    23: Love Stage!!
    Everyone looks so ridiculous, the uke has mood ring eyes, and the premise itself is ridiculous - a guy wants to act with the same 'girl' he acted ten years ago in a happy wedding commercial, only now they both will be the husband and wife, and the 'girl' is actually a really feminine guy. The opening sequence has the 'girl' try on dresses for chrissakes!

    Not my thing, obviously, but as said, I'd try out everything that wasn't a sequel this month. AND I DID.

    24: Rail Wars
    This is so BORING. The characters are so GENERIC. The fanservice is so DULL. The train facts are so UGH. I thought I could muster getting beyond episode 1 by virtue of it being a new and different idea, but 'new and different' does not work with such a boring, boring, BORING series.

    I know there'll be better fanservice. I DON'T CARE. This is how uninterested I am - I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FANSERVICE. And those who know me know how hard that is...

    25: Blade Dance of Elementalers
    It's Dragonar Academy all over again. Only Dragonar Academy didn't feel so BORING. And as someone in SomethingAwful postulated, you can basically tell all the clichés on episode 1 by virtue of expectation.

    Dull lead, generic hags, the closest to original being the school principal being evil. I'll pass.

    26: Himegoto
    Four minutes of crap I had to watch multiple times to be sure it was worthless crap. GIVE ME THEM BACK.

    27: Francesca
    Same as above, only worse because the animation was even worse. Ugh...

    Bottom Last: Aldnoah
    You know, when I heard it was an Urobuchi show, I didn't have much faith that it could be good. I mean, sure, there's Kamen Rider Gaim [which I've lost interest in] regarding 'good writing', but then there's all the other crap he wrote that I don't like. But I went with the 'hey, I'll probably just be disappointed at most' purview and even had some willingness to enjoy the first episode.

    I came out of it ANGRY. I HATED that episode. I legitimately hated it so much that it went all the way down to Bottom Last, overcoming Rail Wars - which as said, is a pile of boring - and keeping Blade Dancer from taking the role - a show I have issues from being too similar to a disappointment. And people were claiming something like this was better than Argevollen, which was 'generic' and had an 'angry kid' protagonist? WELL AT LEAST HE HAS ACTUAL EMOTIONS AND ISN'T A ****ING ROBOT, SO I CAN ACTUALLY RELATE TO HIM!

    This show is the worst thing to come out of this season and I hate that it has default popularity. GODS!

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    Monday, August 4th, 2014
    8:35 am
    Final Judgement A
    Month's over. Gotta clean this up.

    My personal ranking of series I've seen this last month, usually up to episode 3 or so:

    The Good
    Best Place: Barakamon

    This show fits the 'IT WILL SAVE ANIMÉ!' purview quite well. It avoids all fetishism and instead creates an experience where you can actually see and feel the 'life' within the world of the show. It's quite amusing in a manner much like Nichijou, but it does not go for the insane lengths Nichijou is capable of.

    Most of the time.

    It's reasonable and sensible, it's not stupid, and is proof that you don't need love stories to write a good story. Must Watch.

    2: Invaders of the Six-Mat!?
    A comedy about one guy and four girls who are trying to take control of a single room. Quite amusing, with harem elements downplayed initially and allowing for a more natural growth so far. The various and conflicting natures of the girls helps make them feel more unique, and although there are a few funservice moments, they certainly aren't pervasive.

    I recommend to those who like harems but are bored of the usual clichés. It may not tread whole new waters, but it certainly is an interesting series.

    3: Momocute Sord
    As if this wasn't going to score higher with me. I gave the original episode a lower score because I didn't like the way it was played or the way the subs were done, but it is made of funservice and, like The Qwaser of Stigmata or Senran Kagura, essentially created for someone like myself to enjoy. I didn't like it because I expected a deep, exciting story and drama, I liked it because I liked the character designs and I wanted to see them in action. And I wanted to see what other changes there would be to the Momotaro story, as well.

    It's a funservice festival and it's not bothering me. I don't expect anyone else to like it - never did. As long as I'm not insulted over it...

    4: Argevollen
    As I described it, this starts off with a very legitimate "Raioh the Animé" feel, and although it certainly is not a Super Robot show, Argevollen certainly acts like one when put against the more standardized mecha. I liked Gundam Wing when I watched it, never really got the issues most people seem to have with the show, and I suppose Argevollen's innate superiority here plays along with that as well. It certainly does feel like a legitimate way a Super Robot would exist within a real military service, especially given the situation at hand.

    Not that anyone cares, because you're all so busy with Aldnoah. GODS.

    5: Hanayamata
    Jumped to top five with episode four. Yeah, I got feels for this one.

    I'll admit I still don't like the Keion deal and it's not teaching me much about yosakoi compared to what it could be, but I guess I should let it go because hell, it's like complaining that selector infected WIXOSS didn't teach you the rules. It has a bigger story to tell.

    I don't much like the character designs other than Yaya and the eyes look so weird, but I'm bearing with it for episodes like that last one. And besides, I'm sure they'll dance well at least by the end.

    6: DRAMAtical Murder
    Yeaaaahhhh... complications, huh? Out of my topper series, there's a gay one. There was a freaking gay kiss in episode 3, I can't deny that.

    But there's something about this show that I like, guys. Whether it's Aoba's design, or the quite dystopic world... it's just been a sticker on my head. Not something I'm following obsessively, but... well, I liked this more the more I saw. I want to see what comes out of this.

    Sometimes it's just something you want, you know?

    7: Akame ga Kill!
    My description still applies - it's the rebellion against the patriarchy in full. The 'heroes' - as I suppose they can be called - are those who have witnessed the horrors of the main government in charge, and have decided to do something against it. Of course, to do so, they must cut a path through - in blood, always. It's fun and bloody and I don't really want to give back anything.

    Except maybe the part where the non-leads are so more interesting. Part of the problem I had with Dragonar Academy - I'm not really interested in Akame or the lead guy. I'm more interested in the other girls and guy who looks like a girl and guy who is gay.

    8: Bonne Vie
    I like that I finally found subs to this show. It's sort of an annoying thing: too restrained to go all-out like Momocute Sord, and yet managing to avoid the pitfalls of Dragonar Academy. I'll admit I don't like the emphasis on the romance between the two cast members I don't like the most, but then again, it's still early and I still have enough to watch before I'm done.

    It still feels too much like early Medaka Box, too. I kinda wish it was more like Medaka Box and had more superpowers. I need to watch more of this...

    9: Tokyo ESP
    Weird show. It's kinda catchy, definitely more than a few others I've seen this season... but all the same, there's so much making me not want to watch it, that it's annoying. I definitely don't feel like knowing how everyone got their amazing superpowers...

    Great start, but it cooled down since.

    10: Majimoji Rurumo
    Innocent comedy that sends up so many references to SoraOtoshi that I almost wish it didn't play around so much and actually did more similar things, or was set in the same setting or something. Unlike SoraOtoshi, the wishes are a necessity, but are balanced by the fact that our perverted protagonist will come closer to dying the more he wishes.

    I'm not sure if I like that. It feels like an unpleasant necessity considering the story will focus on getting the perv and Rurumo together anyway, one way or another.

    Plus the fact that there wasn't another witch on episode three wasn't a very happy thing. Not really a major fan, but the humor is bearable enough.

    Now stop writing 'Stare' as a word, it's a sound effect dumbasses.

    11: Sailor Moon Crystal
    Watching this one is easier because it's bi-weekly, I guess. It's got stuff that doesn't appeal to me, like the way all girls wear lipstick and Usagi being so into girls, and the way Mamoru looks when he's not Tuxedo Kamen, but eh. I can bear with it, so far, and even in this season there's been worse stuff.

    12: Gundam-san
    Ridiculous things happen for two minutes. I'm down with it.

    13: Nozaki
    Okay, fine, this thing is funnier than I expected and getting over the terrible first episode with its emphasis on shojo romance was good. But I'm still right: the series is less fun if I have to care about this romance thing. When it's about the other characters more, it's more fun to watch.

    14: Locodol
    I'm following it a little slowly because it is sufficiently embarrassing that I don't want to watch it, but I like the non-ridiculous way they're doing the 'idol' thing. It's not remotely as ridiculous as it could be and the characters do have some nice moments. I still recommend it, at least.

    15: Bakumatsu Rock
    Yeah, another surprise. I like the music ["Makoto" especially]. Sue me.

    16: SurviGaClub
    It's ridiculous fun and it has a character who reminds me of Katsu-nee from Senran Kagura, looks-wise, which is always a plus. However, it has a few more fails because it's just a gag comedy and Senran Kagura managed to have more than that, in my eyes. So really, if you don't like girls being shot in the boobs you're not gonna like it. [I don't like that part, no.]

    17: Nobunaga Concerto
    I'll admit to only watching the first episode, which is the least I've watched of most series I actually liked. The first half of the episode wasn't the most appealing and I admit I've had problems pushing my interest, but... well, it's not the worst thing ever, to be honest. I just don't know if I'm going to stand Notbunaga messing his way through history until the point of his death.

    18: Glasslip
    Tough watch sometimes. I kinda wish it was more about the glass thing and less about the relationships of the crew going so awry. Besides, even if it's lighthearted... I don't expect enough good things from such scenarios.

    It could be worse. But... it's hard to find motivation to watch it. It's kinda like Kana Imouto: you get the feeling from the start that it's going to hurt somehow. And I'm getting it strongly since episode 3...

    19: AoHaRide
    It's funny. I didn't like it that much. But I'm more willing to put the blame on me not liking lovemance shoujo that much. It's not like 100% Morango, where the characters managed to interest me from the start after I was just curious.

    I'll accept that only watching up to the point where I did - which is when the group finally was created - may have been where the story finally got going, and maybe I'll finish it - like Nozaki and Glasslip, both of which aren't bad, at least - but not now.

    20: Persona 4 The Golden Animation
    I'll admit it. I couldn't continue with it. I kinda want to watch non-Persona 4 after all. Didn't have enough time to bother either.

    But hey, as established, people who liked the original series would like it.

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    Sunday, July 27th, 2014
    4:09 pm
    A little time.
    Almost going back home. AnimeFriends this year was quite grood. More details tomorrow.

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    Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
    8:57 pm
    First episode reviews this season, part two.
    As luck would have it, I'm like, almost done with the season, in only two weeks. I know, I was surprised too.

    This list may seem a little off, but the reason is because a few reviews were done after the day the shows were released - Francesca took nearly two weeks before the first episode was translated, for instance. So, don't mind it too much.


    Momo Kyun Sord is the breast show of the season.

    Well, fine, Barakamon is the greatest thing to come out this year and I'm never taking it back, and I'll admit there's no reason for people to like it if they don't care about breasts, funservice, or simplistic shonen plots. It's Momotaro Densetsu if Momotaro was a magical girl.

    But hey, I care about those things. So I'm satisfied.

    ...I am NOT satisfied by the translation. "Only those may command me who are stronger than me." I'm sorry, it's literally right, but it's lacking in cohesion and coherence. Plus, the video was full of hiccups.

    All in all, a watch for me, you all can ignore it.

    Love Stage!! is about a not-gay otaku who dreams of being a mangaka who's part of a superstar family who will end up in love with a not-gay superstar who's been in love with him since they were children after a shoot.

    It's pretty, it doesn't have girls doing guy voices too obviously, there's a funny thing about a monkey and a cat going on, and the otaku looks like a nice girl. It's certainly better-looking than the usual shoujo fare I've seen, even if the otaku has emotion ring-colored eyes. Also, at least the girls are pretty.

    I'm not really interested in watching it further, but honestly, this might be a good fujoshi thing.

    Majimoji Rurumo is not bad. Reminders of SoraOtoshi will always come to mind, but overall... it's fun in a way that one is not, and unfun in ways that one is also not. I might watch the whole thing, but as it is, it's too much on the level of Glasslip. At least it has bigger boobs.

    I wish they'd finish the mangá here already.

    Terror in Resonance is a show about teenagers doing 9/11 in Japan. A lot less earthquakes and nuclear destructions than I predicted, a lot more imagery of two towers falling into themselves.

    I'm not going to pull punches to those of you who were affected by the real events. Don't watch it. It's not exactly funny either, it doesn't play any of this for comedy, it's serious and dark and you guys are going to hate it. Anyone who's been affected by a destroyed building, or terrorism, has the 'right' to complain about something so realistic and not-animé.

    Yes, I know there's the whole 'unrealistic' attack at the start of the episode, the part where the kids are clearly supergeniuses, the part where the girl jumped off the fourth floor and landed unharmed. By 'not-animé', I mean most of the shows I've reviewed so far.

    To those of you willing to watch this, godspeed.

    Persona 4 The Golden Animation looks like it may deprive us all of the nose song. This is a terrible crime and I wll not stand for it. Or by it. Or anywhere next to it.

    Less seriously, though, it's about as fun as the last series was, but I think they went too far to show the differences due to the actual fight Izanagi was in. Too many freaking monsters, jeez...

    Still, a watch nonetheless,


    Tokyo ESP
    is brutal and raw, in a way that Tokyo Ghoul wasn't. People bleeding, people dying in gruesome ways, not much censorship... an unusual opening and ending is also a great strength. Unfortunately, despite the implied adults as protagonists on several points, we're once again focusing on teenage heroes.

    I mean, not for nothing, but how long has it been since Cowboy Bebop, Samurai X, and VOTOMS again? Even Irresponsible Captain Tylor for a change.

    Mah, whatever. Doesn't ruin it.

    Invaders of the Six-Mat Room?! is a nice show. Some funservice, not many meta jokes, and a harem plot that doesn't depend on a guy so much as on the location itself. If the episodes stay as amusing as this one was, it'll be great, but a lack of opening and ending does make me concerned.

    Ah well, I don't mind. Time for the invasion to begin!


    Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance!

    Man, how bad can you get? A guy who's the only male spirit user in the world, joining a school filled with girls, being disputed by all of them and getting to see them naked... what the hell! Something about this feels really bad and drives me away. It's almost as bad as Dragonar Academy when it comes to a premise, this is for sure.

    I might watch it, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to stay. What the hell, Japan.

    Okay, so I finally saw a non-sucky version of Himegoto.

    It's a stupid show either way, mind, I just was pissed off at the opening they had put being so horrible and the possible 'LOL WAT' subs. It's not worth 4 minutes of watching, they don't even bother showing the upskirt when they do, and it's just... UGH.

    ...and yet, it's still less shit than Aldnoah in my head. Look at the world we're in.


    Francesca is a dumb show that is dumb.

    It wears dumb pants that make it dumb.

    I have nothing against Hokkaido, but hell, if this is what Hokkaido is, then I don't really care about it.

    Nobunaga Concerto has a terrible first half, when the protagonist literally doesn't even realize what's going on and acts like a dumbass throughout, but it's stronger on its second half, once he decides that living out the role is better than messing up with history by getting himself killed.

    He still acts like a dumbass, though, and the artstyle takes some getting used to. But it could be worse... MUCH worse.

    This week's ranking:

    1: Barakamon
    2: Argevollen
    3: Akame ga Kill!
    4: Momo Kyun Sord
    5: Invaders of the Six-Mat!?
    6: DRAMAtical Murder
    7: Tokyo ESP
    8: Bonne Vie
    9: Glasslip
    10: Locodol
    11: Persona 4 The Golden Animation
    12: Sailor Moon Crystal
    13: Bakumatsu Rock
    14: Gundam-san
    15: Nobunaga Concerto
    16: Terror in Resonance
    17: Hanayamata
    18: Majimoji Rurumo
    19: SurviGaClub
    20: AoHaRide
    21: Tokyo Ghoul
    22: Love Stage!!
    23: Nozaki
    24: Rail Wars
    25: Blade Dance
    26: Himegoto
    27: Francesca
    Bottom Last: Aldnoah

    I'm almost done with the ANN selection at this point. I'm going to give a better review of my tastes at the end of the month.

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    Monday, July 7th, 2014
    9:10 pm
    First episode reviews this season.
    I decided to do this thing because I've been shitposting at TFF and well, why not shitpost it here, right? Besides, someone might laugh or something.

    So! Inspired somewhat by one of my internet bosses, I decided to spend this season watching the first episode of every new show that would come out. The rules were that I would not watch sequels to anything and that I would write whatever came to mind. I would also rank them in viewing order based on how I felt about them, to guide non-readers into action.

    So! Here's the situation as of now.

    Survival Game Club.

    I'm reminded of Ika Musume. It's got the same three-act structure, it's got the same level of nonsense [there's going to be blood despite the guns being completely harmless because IMAGINATION], it's got a main character who is quite aggressively normal relative to the other, insane ones... it does tend more to the fanservice, but it's not really a bad show. It does start out promoting feminism by having one of the main characters' first action be 'stop a train pervert', which is good in my opinion.

    I'm not sure I would recommend this one, but I'm going to watch it until I'm bored or something.


    Bakumatsu Rock is joseibait, I think. The artstyle is quite stylized, the men are so beautiful that a few of them look like women, and there's more than enough fanservice to make it seductive. The lead guy shoots lasers out of his nipple area, for crying out loud.

    I can't exactly hate it, though. I mean, really: most of the rock bands I know and love are male-only. They're often loud and odd and they tend to have issues fueled by all their drug abuse. At least two of my favorite bands had lead singers who were ambiguous to worse. And besides, I then have to take into account Gackt, visual kei, and all that bizarre stuff.

    Mostly I watch for the sake of seeing if they have any tunes on par with Fire Bomber's production. If I come out of this without one of the songs in my head, I'm going to be very disappoint.

    Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen.

    Okay, so apparently someone realized the RaiOh from SRW needed an animé. They couldn't get the rights to the RaiOh, which is why we have this. Argevollen is a military war animé where so far all the mecha involved are slow and clumsy and terrible at war, and then the lead mecha is introduced. It's fast, agile, and works on a direct mental connection to the pilot without lag. It has a flying kick.

    I don't think we'll get more of the RaiOh's unique abilities - after all, this is completely unrelated other than the fact that we have a giant robot kicking enemies in the face - but it doesn't matter as long as they can make Argevollen have interesting abilities. I do wonder how they'll have other robots on par with it and hahahaha like they would make the rest of the troopers any strong, since it'd make our lead mecha lamer than 'SUPER COOL AWESOME'.

    So far, the best of the lot.

    Glasslip is slice of life indeed. About chicken adoption.

    I think there's some kind of plot involved, but... really. I just watched ten minutes of dealing with adopting chickens. It wasn't even trying to be funny.


    Time to watch Rail Wars!

    It's not exactly good. I already know the rumors of how the author has it hard for nationalized railroads and how the badguys' plan is privatizing it. It also doesn't make the action scenes very exciting.

    Really, the only thing worth watching is Haruka's fanservice, and that's not really a good thing. I'll watch it to see if it gets better, but...


    Tokyo Ghoul's gonna require a startup point.

    I hate Saya no Uta. And all of Urobuchi's works, but especially Saya no Uta. I don't like the idea of the plot as presented, I don't like the fanbase, I don't like it period. When I saw the plot to this show, I didn't really want to like it due to the fact that it reminded me of Saya no Uta, but because I'm bored and have nothing better to do, I decided to watch the first episode.

    It's actually really strong. It's scary as it needs to be, but it's not the type of scary that drives me off through reliance on horribly drawn monsters and art. I know it's censored, but it works to its benefit in my opinion. And the protagonist, at least right now, is more interested in humanity than in the monsters. [This is a GOOD THING, as contrasted with Twilight's "HUMANITY SUCKS" portrayal.] I didn't remember the plot of the preview when I started watching, so I was surprised enough by it as well.

    I don't think I'll necessarily keep on watching it, but it is one of the more interesting shows so far.

    Sailor Moon Crystal is not a bad show. Which I think had been the internet consensus already, but I'm confirming it.

    Not to say there aren't bad points in my opinion: I don't particularly like the fact that everyone has noticeable lips, Mamoru/Darien being a full head bigger than Usagi looks really weird and makes him look, like, crazy old [because the artstyle makes him look even taller than he was, plus the framing being much closer-in than it used to be], and I'm still completely skeptical that they're going to adapt the best storyline, PSSM Another Story.

    But I like that it's not too dull and there's still comedy at Usagi's expense, that the pacing doesn't feel very bad, and the animation and plot seem to make more sense now. [Also, Tuxedo Yarou is only attractive to Usagi if she can't see his face, hyhyhy.]

    Locodol is not a bad show, in my opinion. Of course, you have to be willing to care about the girls and not be grossed out at their lack of dress and possible sexualization and what-not... but honestly, compared to what I'm aware of from Idolmaster, it's not as bad. Funniest line of the season so far.

    I'm guessing it'll draw all the girl/girl fans, overall. It's certainly not aggressive and somewhat bland, but it's not a bad show. I'm probably watching more.


    My face throughout the episode was the same as the protagonist's. There's a Lacus-style character. The plot is set in 2014. The Martians are humans. They claim their mecha are gods. I have very little interest in watching this further. Hell, I'm gonna be surprised if this won't have the character who died today not show up alive later on.

    The internet likes this show and hates Buddy Complex. Eff.


    Barakamon wins the season. Shut up.

    Okay, don't shut up, let me explain. Barakamon is what'd happen if Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei was less about ridiculously punny names and analyzing random clichés with excessive usage of the ridiculously punny names, and more about the exploration of humanity. At the very least, it doesn't need Kafka's over-exaggerated optimism brought forth through brainwashing/self-loathing/insanity to contrast with the lead's natural pessimism. Naru's optimism is fun and funny in a way that feels more relatable and less monstrous.

    Also, I think I actually care about the animation this time. It was great, winner of the season, shut up.

    Akame ga Kill! was fun. I'm probably a sucker for not-Earths where you can be modern yet still have a degree of alien. [See also: Elemental Gelade.] It's funny in small doses, the terrorists wield ridiculous weapons, and the patriarchy is corrupt from top to bottom.

    I don't read this so, you know, I'm not going to know the plot. So be it. It's at least a nice show and I'm not unhappy at all.

    Gundam-san reminds me of Nichijou, always a plus, but it has Char shaking his naked butt for comedy's sake and Sayla hits Amuro in the nuts with a mace for the same reason. It's not a bad show, really, just extremely Japanese.

    DRAMAtical Murder is filled of pretty boys with beautiful hair and pale skin, unappealing women, and animals who turn into people. It has the internet all over the place, the protagonist is literally on drugs, and some degree of .hack or Sord Art Online.

    It also has an eight-armed woman who talks like a man.

    It's a fujoshi show. If you don't watch those, don't bother. I'm sticking to it though.

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun would be a lot more fun if it weren't for two things.

    One, I don't like the main couple's designs. Nozaki looks like he should be in college, not high school. He also looks like a lamer Kenta Usui. The girl doesn't appeal to me as far as looks go, either.

    Two, it's much better when it's funny than when it's not. Like, the scenes with the girl's inner self rolling on the ground or panicking, or Nozaki proudly declaring he's never loved anyone before? Worth watching. The boring, dull scenes where they're normally bonding and developing a relationship? Not worth it.

    It's not a bad show, I'll give it that much, and I guess it's funny enough I want to see more comedy, but it's with an awareness that every episode will be less funny than it should.

    Invaders of the Six-Mat Room can't start any sooner.


    Ao Haru Ride is pure shojo in a can. I like the premise as stated and I like the way it was executed this episode, but it comes with a very shojo art style [I can't stand the looks of the protagonist] and an annoying sense of 'get on with it already' that I don't like.

    I want to watch more, but I don't like all that I've seen, basically.

    Hanayamata is absolutely nothing like my early description. It's about yosakoi.

    I think this is this year's Keion, to be honest. It's about a five-girl group of dancers, led by an American blonde. I don't really know where the magic is. Also everyone has pointy eyes like losangos and it's really weird.

    It has nice music and pretty girls, no breasts, and I'm hoping it won't actually turn into a terrible show, but... murf. I didn't like Keion and I don't quite want to like this one either.

    This week's ranking:

    1: Barakamon
    2: Argevollen
    3: Akame ga Kill!
    4: DRAMAtical Murder
    5: Glasslip
    6: Locodol
    7: Sailor Moon Crystal
    8: Bakumatsu Rock!
    9: Gundam-san
    10: Hanayamata
    11: AoHaRide
    12: Tokyo Ghoul
    13: Nozaki
    14: SurviGaClub
    15: Rail Wars
    Bottom Last: Aldnoah

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    Sunday, July 6th, 2014
    10:15 pm
    It must be nice to have a 'hometown'. A 'traditional culture'. A 'family history'.

    I'm not wholly sad about that last one. It means I'll create it for the future. But I'll admit that the others aren't very good things either.

    I mean... I'm technically as European as I am native. It's true I was born in Brasil, but if I want to go on detail... well, my great-grandparents were already married and had children in Europe when the families migrated to Brasil, and their children stayed among the other immigrants when they married, leading to my parents eventually marrying. You'll notice there's no signs of husbands/wives/children from Brasil, African nations, or others. As far as I know, my genotype is 100% European.

    But I'm from Brasil. Born here, raised here, technically aware of the culture and all... but more and more, I feel distant from it as well. I don't have a standard hometown; I moved away from the city I was born in when I was too young to remember, and although I did adjust to living here, the city grew and changed in such ways that I don't have the implied connection to a hometown - that I'm willing to live here if I have nowhere to go. I can't claim the same of anywhere - there's no 'place' I feel truly comfortable with, just yet. Is it Curitiba? Anápolis? Scotland? Canada? Am I ever going to have such a place, even?

    I don't know. I wish I did.

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    Wednesday, December 25th, 2013
    8:15 am
    "haha yay it's christmas" "no i am a secular chrisxstamas tree" "AAA!" "no" "AAAGH!"
    So I did manage to get some internet access in this place. Managed to sneak in some internetting while I could.

    Except there's no way I can use Skype for five minutes before I nearly burst the computer's systems, so I can't log on. Which is why I may have been seen but not talked to. 'm srry nd ll.

    Still, that's why email exists! I'm trying to send messages to people however I can, though it seems I only get one day a week to do that. But today's a bit more special about that... but anyway, Merry Christmas!

    ...for some people, I can't send you gifts this Christmas. But I have something very good in mind. Be plepared.

    Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
    10:06 pm
    Jasmine Appreciation Day.
    Today's October 30th, and you know what that means.

    Today I have something special for everyone. It's been a bit of an emergency, and I certainly wish I had more time for it... but well, no better way to show my appreciation than by something I did myself. And this time, I tried to do something special...

    Click here to see more...Collapse )

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    Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
    3:07 pm
    Lovemantic Tierizations.
    *Orion* and me are kinda like brothers and kinda like mirrors of each other. We both have similar interests with regards to fictional characters, and yet when it comes to it, we seem to not pick the same, hahaha.

    Because of this, just like he worked on his own Tops recently, so will I. And hopefully it'll make sense...

    Tier 1 - TOILI
    The girls on this tier are the ones that I think about the most, throughout the last few years. It's easier for me to tell, at least, because these are the ones who have stayed as a continuous like of some sort, since I met them, as opposed to the ones who I oscillate more often towards.
    1-Jasmine (Pokémon)
    2-Pirika (SHAMAN KING!!!)
    3-Ellen (Harvest Moon)

    4-Bellossom (Pokémon)
    5-Lita (Boktai)
    6-Serene (Riviera: The Promised Land)
    6-Ika-chan (Shinryaku! Ika Musume)
    7-Lena (Tormenta)
    8-Dawn (Pokémon)
    9-Katsuragi (Senran Kagura)
    10-Alexa (Pokémon)

    Tier 2 - Childhood Feelings
    For this tier, what matters is that I was interested in these girls when I was young, for the most part, but exposition to them has been significantly low since. It's part of my nature, really...
    -Isabel (Monica's Gang)
    -Marina (Monica's Gang)
    -Chibi-Usa (Sailor Moon)
    -Haruka (Sailor Moon)
    -Tomoyo (Sakura Card Captor)
    -Clair (Pokémon)
    -Kahime (Mon Colle Knights)
    -Serene (Riviera: The Promised Land)
    -Rimururu (Samurai Shodown)
    -Yuri (King of Fighters)
    -Kaolla (Love Hina)
    -Anna (Mr. Driller)
    -Onpu (Ojamajo Doremi)
    -Igglybuff (Pokémon)
    -Celebi (Pokémon)
    -Misao (Samurai X)
    -Kaoru (Samurai X)
    -Hinata (Naruto)
    -Tenten (Naruto)
    -Savannah (Pokémon)
    -Sandra (Pokémon)
    -Dagger (Final Fantasy IX)
    -Purple Girl (Fairly OddParents: Abra-Catastrophe)

    Tier 3 - Beautiful People
    I won't deny there isn't a focus on the body in this group that has affected my feelings significantly. But what can I say? I'm only human. And... in some cases, I can't help but feel it...
    -Mint (Pokémon)
    -Niele (Tormenta)
    -Helene (Athena: Full Throttle)
    -Jasmine (Aladdin)
    -Q-Bee (Darkstalkers)
    -Glacia (Pokémon)
    -Carolilne (Pokémon)
    -Solana (Pokémon)
    -Mars (Pokémon)
    -Marley (Pokémon)
    -Kaguya-hime (Endless Frontier)
    -Neige (Endless Frontier)
    -Anne (Endless Frontier)
    -Tomo (The Qwaser of Stigmata)
    -Erstin (Mai-Otome)
    -Mimi (Duel Masters)
    -Alexis (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
    -Anna (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
    -Jita (The Qwaser of Stigmata)
    -Shibolena/Hizumina (Megaranger)
    -Lala (To Love-Ru)
    -Ryouko (To Love-Ru)
    -Momo (To Love-Ru)
    -Lenna (Final Fantasy V)
    -Yui (Corrector Yui)
    -Haruna (Corrector Yui)
    -Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers)
    -Cammy (Street Fighter)
    -Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter)
    -Power Girl (DC)
    -Black Cat (Marvel)
    -Wonder Woman (DC)
    -Fire (Justice League)
    -Athena (Athena: Full Throttle)
    -Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)
    -Layer (Mega Man)
    -Cinnamon (Mega Man)
    -Komachi (Touhou)
    -Lavana (Pokémon)
    -Blue Eyes (Pokémon)
    -Asuka (Tekken 5)
    -Numbers 83: Galaxy Queen (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
    -Asuka (Senran Kagura)
    -Homura (Senran Kagura)
    -Yomi (Senran Kagura)
    -Hikage (Senran Kagura)
    -Skyla (Pokémon)
    -Marguerite (Super Robot Wars)
    -Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX)
    -Stellar (Gundam SEED Destiny)
    -Black Widow (The Avengers)
    -Wasp (Avengers)
    -Niela (Pokémon) [OC]
    -Synn (Shattered) [OC]

    Tier 4 - Modern Feelings
    These came after I grew up, to a degree, and are focused on 'NEW!' and 'STRONG!' feelings. Of course, by now so many are already 'old'... but it's still relevant, mefeels.
    -Illumise (Pokémon)
    -Mawile (Pokémon)
    -Aria (Pokémon)
    -Blaze (Sonic)
    -Aile (Mega Man)
    -Killer Frost (Justice League)
    -Hikaru (Beyblade Metal Fight)
    -Cirno (Touhou)
    -Elpeo Ple (Gundam ZZ)
    -Shantae (Shantae)
    -Haman (Gundam ZZ)
    -Kyara (Gundam ZZ)
    -Winbee (Twinbee)
    -Utsuho (Touhou)
    -Potato (Touhou)
    -Parsee (Touhou)
    -Luna Child (Touhou)
    -Dorinha (Monica's Gang)
    -Annie (Little Lulu Mangá)
    -Tanya (Tormenta)
    -Crow (Princess Waltz)
    -Lun Lun (Princess Waltz)
    -Kogasa (Touhou)
    -Anna (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
    -Precia (Super Robot Wars)
    -Katina (Super Robot Wars)
    -Latooni (Super Robot Wars)
    -Ilia (Final Fantasy IX)
    -Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII)
    -Selphie (Final Fantasy VIII)
    -Carmina (Pokémon) [OC]
    -Kim Pine (Scott Pilgrim)
    -Ramona (Scott Pilgrim)
    -Prince (Touhou)
    -Futo (Touhou)
    -Haruna (Super 11)
    -Yatsuhashi (Touhou)
    -Kobito-chan (Touhou)
    -Tiel (Gundam Wing)
    -Viola (Pokémon)
    -Angie (Pokémon)
    -Minccino (Pokémon)
    -Cinccino (Pokémon)
    -Audino (Pokémon)

    Tier 5 - Another's Love
    ...sometimes, the 'acceptance' part of loving someone means you are happier because of another person being involved.
    -Jasmine (Pokémon) + Kenta (Pokémon)
    -Serene (Pokémon) + Ein (Pokémon)
    -Helene (Athena: Full Throttle) + Ryoutarou (Kamen Rider Den-O)
    -Kotoha (Shinkenger) + Chiaki (Shinkenger)
    -Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono) + Tomoki (Sora no Otoshimono)
    -Hiyori (Sora no Otoshimono) + Tomoki (Sora no Otoshimono)
    -Elpeo Ple (Gundam ZZ) + Judau (Gundam ZZ)
    -Palla (Gundam X) + Garrod (Gundam X)
    -Asuka (Senran Kagura) + Katsuragi (Senran Kagura)
    -Lala (To Love-Ru) + Rito (To Love-Ru)
    -Momo (To Love-Ru) + Rito (To Love-Ru)
    -Dagger (Final Fantasy IX) + Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)
    -Ilia (Final Fantasy IX) + Vivi (Final Fantasy IX)
    -Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII) + Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)
    -Angelica (Super Robot Wars) + Mist (Super Robot Wars)
    -Sheldia (Super Robot Wars) + Mist (Super Robot Wars)
    -Margaret (One Piece) + Ruffy (One Piece)
    -Jita (The Qwaser of Stigmata) + Tomo (The Qwaser of Stigmata)
    -Lun Lun (Princess Waltz) + Arata (Princess Waltz)
    -Liesel (Princess Waltz) + Arata (Princess Waltz)

    Tier 6 - The Unpleasantness
    For these... either I hate the rest of the setting, and only like the character, or I've suffered in some ways because of it.
    -Haruhi (Haruhi)
    -Mint (Pokémon)
    -Mimi (Digimon)
    -Domino (Pokémon)
    -Orihime (Bleach)
    -Rangiku (Bleach)
    -Index (Index)
    -Saten (Railgun)
    -Skyla (Pokémon)
    -Yuki-Onna (Nura)
    -Annie (Little Lulu Mangá)
    -Haruka (Senran Kagura)
    -Dreamer-001 (Shattered) [OC]
    -Whitney (Pokémon)

    I know, several are repeated. It happens. I tried to focus the most, at least, and figure out which would fit best... but I'm sure there are some who I can't tell. But certainly someone else can.
    Wednesday, October 31st, 2012
    10:58 am
    Finally, it's over. Thirty-one entries, posted day after day, never missing one. Even when I felt like I couldn't do it, I still tried, doing my best to post. Because I knew one person was reading this, and because I wanted to expiate my own sins and evils. I left too much unsaid, in the last few years... and some things just weren't what I wanted to talk about, before.

    I've talked all about Jasmine in the last month. I don't think I left anything unsaid, more or less. I brought up every subject I could think of.

    ...well, there is one...

    My closing statement is a wish for the future.Collapse )

    To everyone who has read this... thank you very much. I owe you all a lot. I assume you have read all these because you care... and because you wanted to know more. All I ask of you is respect: say nothing wrong of these posts, nothing about my own sanity, or any such bad things. That's all I ask.

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    Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
    3:14 pm
    Jasmine Appreciation Day - Jasmine and me.
    Not enough time to post... so I'll be brief. This post will not be the last one, but it may be the only one that must be read, above all. I'm going to write here my feelings... my final feelings.

    Throughout my life, Jasmine has been an ideal; the type of person I wanted to love. It wasn't always innocent and pure... sometimes, it was twisted, and I made mistakes. I don't want to make those mistakes anymore, but their happening is not under my control. Our actions are, sometimes, so out of our control...

    I've learned what a 'waifu' is supposed to be, recently: a fictional character that you're devoted to, but that you're not supposed to be sexually attracted to. Not because it's wrong, since sex isn't wrong, but because you shouldn't debase her for your own selfish needs. Rather, you should like her for reasons other than being a sexual creature.

    I understand the concept. Technically, this is what I did with Jasmine... but it's also a wrong method. I wanted to admire her without sexualizing her. I repressed all my urges, all my interests... and compensated by unleashing my excessive desires on others. It's one thing to have a fetish that isn't politically correct, like shotacon or excessive sizes... another is to desire the things that you've suffered, inflicted upon others. And my attempt to deal with it was to be extreme in all measures, for good or ill.

    None of these characters deserve any of that. Even if I don't think Jasmine should be sexualized to the level she has been by others, I'm not going to repress my own feelings. I'm going to try and embrace them better, instead... and instead of forcing others to suffer as they have, I'm going to try and be more reasonable.

    I suffered a lot because of my feelings. I cursed others for treating them as lesser, and I tried to prove to myself that they were good because they were true. That this was not possible, as it was then, was a fault of mine; I wasn't just innocent, but also foolish. Extremely so...

    I've never been the best at handling others. The bullying I went through didn't make it impossible for me to trust others, but I've learned that people often tease you by acting like they like something they do not, or dislike something you like, just to be 'cool'. Something that always annoyed me about some of them was how girls were always trying to show interest in me, even though it was only to embarrass me. I don't like having fallen for that trick so often, either...

    I learned to be modest, throughout my life. I think Jasmine was a part of it just as much as my own nature - she isn't someone who would be interested in a show-off and vain person, but rather, those who do things because of their moral value - who do the right thing, simply because it's right. On occasion, I've helped people out not because I wanted a reward, but simply because I wanted to help out.

    I don't know how good that is, but... it's what has affected me. I want to be a good person. I want to be better than I was, before then - selfish and vain and rude and arrogant. I want to be the kind of person that she could love, in short.

    She may not exist, but my feelings do. If she can love me, then the person I care for would be able to. That's what I feel, what motivates me... and what makes me believe.

    This is a month of love. Love is what makes us want to be together with others, care for others, and accept others. Even if we hesitate and want to be alone, or feel like we must abandon others for the sake of our 'selves'... what matters most, what should matter most, is to care about others. By caring, we grow stronger, and we learn to work together for a future.

    This is what I believe. This is what Jasmine helped me believe. She, and the other Tops... but she, in particular. The one girl who has been in my heart for the last ten years...

    Today is a special day, but also a tragic one. The great storm in the Atlantic coast, the wars, the bad things happening all over the planet... for those who can, I wish them happiness and hope. For those who can't... do your best to survive, for the sake of the shining future ahead of us.

    Thank you all.

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    Monday, October 29th, 2012
    10:56 pm
    Sunday, October 28th, 2012
    5:43 pm
    Jasmine and Winona.
    So, there was still a surprise waiting here. I suppose it's fitting that something like that would happen.

    Today, I'm going to talk about an aspect from my head canon that I did not go on detail before, but that does deserve an explanation. Of course, this has to do with relationships... and how I think these ultimately end up as...

    A great friend is something wonderful to have.Collapse )

    Tomorrow is not the most important day. But something important still must be said...

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